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We talk with designer, contemporary and urban artist, Heath Kane.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
7:30pm @ The CUC Bar 

Heath Kane sitting holding two of his prints

What is CamCreatives?

CamCreatives embraces a diverse group of interests including design, arts, media, literature, publishing, multimedia, performing arts, and culture.

Our evenings are about relaxed, friendly socialising and networking. Come along to hear people’s stories and learn about the extensive variety of forms creativity can take. We’re a wide and diverse group of friendly people, and new people turn up every month so don’t worry about being the only newbie!

Events are on the last Wednesday of each month at the CUC Bar, Granta Place, Cambridge CB2 1RU. There are some parking spaces outside, plus somewhere to lock up your bike – well, it is Cambridge after all!

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The Team

Steve O'Connor

Organiser + Designer

Design Lead at digital agency Sigma. Has a terrible memory, don’t take it personally.

Paul Smith

Founder + creative marketer

Founder of CamCreatives and House of Cambridge. Results driven creative marketer. Bradfield Centre supporter.

Sue Keogh

Organiser + Digital marketer

Director and founder of Sookio. Speaker. Sage Business Expert. RSA Fellow. Host at Sookio School.

"You are all awesome, keep going :)"

"I love that the group is so welcoming to non-conventional creatives"

"It's good knowing it's out there and there is the possibility of going to an interesting night"

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