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Unhurried creativity

Tuesday 19 September 7:30pm
@ The Blue Moon, Cambridge

Johnnie Moore is the author of ‘Unhurried’, a book originally inspired by his experiences hosting unhurried conversations in Cambridge.

It’s about being more creative by going at a more human pace in a world that often seems obsessed with speed and efficiency.

Johnnie doesn’t do long talks, so this session will be playful and interactive.

About Johnnie

Johnnie Moore is a facilitator based in Cambridge, England. He has worked around the world helping organisations have meetings that are more creative and avoid death-by-powerpoint. He’s the founder of Unhurried, a personal project to explore how to work and live at a more human pace.

His first job was as a speechwriter to English parliamentarian Lord Sainsbury before working in advertising. He later changed careers to facilitation.

He has hosted more than 150 unhurried conversations, using a simple process to allow people to speak and listen with more attention and creativity.

Johnnie Moore

About CamCreatives

We are a 4000+ inclusive East Anglian community of like-minded people. We look to share knowledge and focus on creating a great space to discuss and explore different ideas.

The growth of our community shows the desire for something like this to exist. Educating, mentoring, supporting and helping to find new opportunities and discuss the latest challenges. We are here to embrace a more citizen-minded, creative world.

CamCreatives encompasses a diverse group of interests including design, arts, media, literature, publishing, photography, multimedia, performing arts, education and culture.

Our evenings are about relaxed, friendly socialising and networking. Come along to hear people’s stories and learn about the extensive variety of forms creativity can take.

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Events are on the third Tuesday of each month at the Blue Moon, Norfolk Street, Cambridge.

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