Experience design is a myth

How many times have you heard someone say they design user experiences? You may have said it yourself.

Thing is, though — experiences happen inside the person having the experience. They depend on the design of the product or service being experienced, but they cannot exist without what the person brings to them. And no one can design that for someone else.

Join us as Elizabeth Buie describes what makes an experience and the roles the various aspects play. Reflecting on the extent to which each aspect may (or may not!) be designed, and looking at why that is. Elizabeth will clarify how we are designing to foster experiences we want our audiences to have.

That understanding can empower design and creativity in all its forms.

Elizabeth Buie is a Senior UX Consultant at Nexer Digital and has over 30 years of UX experience consulting on projects ranging from public websites to touchscreen apps or indeed, the International Space Station. She loves a good discussion of defining what experience is so come along and ask your questions!

Tuesday 21 November 7:30pm @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge