Parallel Worlds: Games and Game Development in Cambridge

with Laurence Oldham, Head of Design at Frontier

A Talk for the Curious – No Experience Needed

Join us for an engaging talk about game development in Cambridge, designed for everyone, regardless of experience.

Speaker: Laurence Oldham, Head of Design at Frontier

With over 20 years in the games industry, Laurence brings a wealth of knowledge about game development.

Games and Game Making in Cambridge

Laurence will provide an overview of the UK games industry and Cambridge’s role with in it, before a deep dive into the process of Game development it self. The talk will cover:

  • Personal Journey and Passion for Games: Laurence’s background and why he loves game development.
  • UK Games Industry Stats: Key statistics on the industry’s size and growth.
  • Historical Context: A timeline of games in Cambridge, looking at the key studios and their contributions.
  • Focus on Frontier:
  • Showcase: Footage from some of Frontier’s most notable games.
  • Company Structure: Insight into Frontier’s organisational structure and roles.
  • Development Process: Details on Frontier’s development process, from concept to release.

Interactive Q&A Session

Laurence will take questions throughout the talk, with some reserved for the end.

Why Attend?

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Gain insights into the game development process.
  • Network with Enthusiasts: Connect with others who share your passion for games.
  • Get Inspired: Learn about career opportunities in the games industry.

Don’t miss this chance to explore game making in Cambridge with Laurence Oldham. Join us for an evening of discovery and inspiration!

Tuesday 18 June 7:30pm @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge