Unhurried creativity

Johnnie Moore is the author of ‘Unhurried’, a book originally inspired by his experiences hosting unhurried conversations in Cambridge.

It’s about being more creative by going at a more human pace in a world that often seems obsessed with speed and efficiency.

Johnnie doesn’t do long talks, so this session will be playful and interactive.

About Johnnie

Johnnie Moore is a facilitator based in Cambridge, England. He has worked around the world helping organisations have meetings that are more creative and avoid death-by-powerpoint. He’s the founder of Unhurried, a personal project to explore how to work and live at a more human pace.

His first job was as a speechwriter to English parliamentarian Lord Sainsbury before working in advertising. He later changed careers to facilitation.

He has hosted more than 150 unhurried conversations, using a simple process to allow people to speak and listen with more attention and creativity.

Tuesday 19 September 7:30pm @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge