Adventures in a World of Deception

with Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott

Join us for an intriguing evening with Stuart Scott, the founder and Director of Lateral Strategies Limited, as he unveils the fascinating world of deception and counter deception.

Dive deep into the insights of a former magician turned strategic advisor to the military, exploring the creative and often hidden aspects of deception.

What You Will Discover:

  • From Magic to Strategy: Stuart’s unique journey from magician to advisor, showcasing the art of creating your path and seizing opportunities in unexpected places.
  • Understanding Deception: An exploration into what deception really entails and why it’s a critical skill in both personal and professional arenas.
  • The Art of Misdirection: Learn about different types of misdirection, including:
  • Memory Misdirection: Techniques to enhance your memory.
  • Temporal Misdirection: How our perception of time can be altered.
  • Suspicion Theory: Methods to trigger and reduce suspicion effectively.
  • Behavioural Distortion: Choosing how to respond in various situations to manage outcomes.
  • Creative Thinking: How creativity is essential in thinking deceptively and why it matters.
  • Safeguarding Yourself: Practical tips on how to avoid being deceived.

Why Attend?

This session is not just for those interested in strategy or magic, but for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics of deception and its implications in real-world scenarios. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your strategic thinking skills or simply curious about the psychological aspects of deception, there’s something in this talk for you.

Reserve your spot today and prepare to be both enlightened and entertained!

Tuesday 21 May 7:30pm @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge