Arts Is… The Cambridge Arts Festival!

Abby Pollock

Art is something different to everyone; we each interpret it uniquely, and Cambridge is overflowing with a whole host of artists and creatives – like you lot!

Join us for an exciting evening as Abby Pollock, Project Manager for Cambridge BID, unveils details of the upcoming Cambridge Arts Festival and how you can take part.

Dedicated to showcasing the rich art and culture that helps to define the city of Cambridge. The festival invites you to delve into a world of artistic expression, diversity, and celebration.

The festival slogan, ‘Arts Is…’, emphasises the bespoke and individual artistic interpretations that put personal expression and creativity at the forefront.

The festival will bring together local galleries, art shops, museums, institutions and creative organisations to unite the city’s artistic hubs. At the core of the vision is a commitment to involve and represent all voices and celebrate the diversity within Cambridge’s artistic landscape. They aim to create a festival that reflects and embraces as many perspectives as they can. The aim is to support and collaborate, striving to make CAF an exceptional and memorable experience.

Tuesday 16 January 7:30pm @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge