Creative Spillage in Aisle 3!

Retail Experience Secrets unlocked w. Lynda Locke

Your first 20 steps into a store have been designed.

Carefully and creatively designed to influence both your purchasing decisions and deliver you the best experience. And many of these decisions go unnoticed.

Would you like to know what they are?

From placing big brands at eye level to bidding for the best end-of-aisle spot, Lynda Locke will be lifting the lid on the secrets of your local stores and the future of experiences on the high street.

Strategic Development Director Lynda Locke has over 20 years of experience in the retail display industry working with the likes of LEGO, Garmin, Coca-Cola, Tesco and Nike. Her work at the Retail Experience agency Displayplan in Baldock has seen her leading on data-collecting display technology, immersive in-store experiences, and the personalisation of the customer journey.

You will never see a physical retail store the same after this. But don’t go shopping with Lynda! She spends far too much time looking at the details of displays and the merchandising systems. There is one thing she’s sure of, however, that she will be sticking with in-store shopping. Come and find out why.

Tuesday 16 May 7:30pm @ The Blue Moon, Cambridge